Sharing what motivates us

The non-profit world can often be a lonely place. Organizations struggle to be heard above the daily noise. The media has no interest. Fundraising is a chore. Budgets are tight. A volunteer can often feel like a lone person on an island, thinking that no one really cares.

So why do we do it? Why do we devote countless hours of our spare time for the benefit of others? Because it’s fun, because it’s a challenge, because it is for the benefit of others, and let’s not forget, for our benefit as well.

The key to keeping our non-profit involvement fun and interesting is communication. Non-profits need to connect with each other and the world around them to share their success stories and to openly discuss their challenges. Volunteers need to inspire other volunteers. Business needs to engage in partnerships for mutual benefit.

I invite you to contribute to this blog so that we can begin sharing stories about how we, and the terrific people around us, connect, inspire and engage as ambassadors for the causes near and dear to our hearts.

There’s something in it for everyone!


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