The power of ONE

There is no better way to promote your cause than by adding a face to your organization. Individuals respond to other individuals. People need to understand that their support will help other people. That’s the beauty of social media. It helps people connect. We, who spend our days looking at the big picture and trying to impact larger global and social issues, tend to forget that we need to put a human face on our mission. It’s the personal touch that will win us friends and supporters.

I recently read about one woman on a mission. Thanks to social media, her supporters number in the thousands. Hélène Campbell suffers from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and is on a wait list for a double lung transplant. As reported by Barbara Turnbull in The Toronto Star (March 21, 2012), Campbell began an awareness campaign to encourage online donor registration – a campaign which has caught the attention of the likes of Justin Bieber and Ellen DeGeneres. Campbell now has her sights on Don Cherry’s Coach’s Corner to reach a national demographic.

Turnbull reported that before Campbell started her campaign there were typically 50 online registrations a day at Ontario’s The daily average has risen to 180. Although the province is currently running its own campaign, Campbell’s contribution to the cause and her ability to attract celebrity is undeniably having a greater impact.

Have you been thinking how to boost your awareness campaign? Are potential supporters able to put a face on your cause? Can they empathize with your cause? If finding a spokesperson proves difficult, try finding the right image. The upcoming rollout of the new Facebook Timeline for Pages at the end of the month offers a great opportunity to give some thought to your images. It’s a good place to introduce the faces with the power to propel your campaign to another level.

For some inspiration, check out these and other new facebook pages as highlighted by Heather Mansfield on her blog.

International Rescue Committee ::

SOS Children’s Villages ::

Survival International ::


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